Sunday, May 15, 2011

【UTAU NEWCOMER】 Joker【唸り音億劫】

Oh yeah, Okkuu's in the house 8D He's got the most views in less time, but no downloads :(

【UTAU】 Once Upon a December【Koibito Hoshioto】

The first attempt at Koibi's English. I think she's pretty okay, but definetly could use some work too (There's some accent I was unaware of) XDDD

【UTAU Preview】Trick And Treat 【Okkuu Rine + TATARI】

Awwww, doens't they look cute together~? XDDDDD Wait till nighttime rolls on by, they won't be so cute by then >D


This is honestly my favorite song. I alwasy burst out into song to this XDDDD;;

Also... Remu <333333

【UTAU】The Beast【星音恋人】

Remember what I said about Koibito singing dem sad songs?? Here it is again ;3;

[UTAU] The Little Mermaid [星音恋人]

The official release video of Koibit's ACT2. I think her current voice is better conditioned for sad sounding songs like ;u;

【UTAU New Comer】悪ノ娘【星音姫コ】

The official Newcomer video of Himeko. The hardest part was honestly coloring. I have a bit of trouble digitally coloring.

【UTAU New Comer】Psychotic Love Song【Tsune Orfeo】

My little one-shot UTAUloid, made with a phony British accent and lots of time on my hands ^^;;

【UTAU】Matryoshka【Hoshioto Koibito + Himeko】

Yep.... The sisters do a duet. I think they sound nice together (since they were both voiced by me) LOOOOOOOL

【UTAU】Ieven Polkka【星音恋人】(Hoshioto Koibito)

Ewww.... Just ewww XDDDD I want to redo this, just... with her ACT2 XD

【UTAU】Last Night Good Night -ACT1-【星音 恋人】

My first PV with Koibito, with her sucktastic ACT1. I was such a noob and tbh, I still am XD But I've learned about recording and OTO'ing ever since. I have a redo of this with constantents and VC phonemes with her ACT2, with the pics still needing to be colored in ^^;;;;