Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So um, Hi

So just decided to make one of these to post UTAU and Vocaloid covers/fandubs.

I hope you guys will download and use my UTAUloids. They each have a different and unique voice (IMO), all voiced and designed by me ^^

Their names are Koibito Hoshioto (Mature female [my natural voice]) Himeko Hoshioto (Younger female with a kinda nasally voice), Orfeo Tsune (Male voice with a knockoff English accent)

I also have two more on the way: Kariudo Kusasoune (Forced deep male voice) and Okkuu Rine (Demonic male voice [think death metal singers] LOOOOOOL)

One will be out by Easter and one will possibly be rerecorded in the meantime because I think he doesn't sound clear enough.

And as for the fandubs: I write my own lyrics, unless credited otherwise

If there are any questions, don't be afraid to ask 8D
I don't bite..... hard >D

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